What makes Hart’s Desire different?

So! We’ve had many, many questions regarding the differences between our spices and what you normally find on the store shelves and wanted to answer them for you.

1. Our spices are incredibly strong, you’ll use much less than leading brands. We normally recommend starting off with half as much as you normally use, and then add to taste.

2. Glass packaging. Spices have the flavors they do because of volitile oils, called essential oils. These oils evaporate unless the spices are treated correctly, leaving you with very weak spices. Most spice companies package their spices in plastic, or using plastic caps. Plastic is actually porus to things like these oils, which allows them to escape the packaging and dull the flavor of your spices. Net: you use more than you have to. That’s why we package in glass jars with glass lids and silicone gaskets… Less opportunity for the essential oils to escape, leading to fresher blends for longer amounts of time.

3. No junk. Our Hart’s Desire line has no salt, sugar, preservatives, anti-packing agents, etc. Nothing belongs in these jars but spices. This means they are safe for people on low salt, low sugar, nitrate free, etc. Diets. We want people to know that when the use our spices, they know what’s in their food.

4. Love. We’re foodies. We love flavor, we love a great product at a reasonable price. We love the ease of using spice blends, which takes the guesswork out of cooking. Using Hart’s Desire, you know that you will get consistent results to make you and your family say Yum when you don’t have much time and energy to cook. Some of you don’t know how to make some of your favorite dishes, like Jambalaya without a boxed mix, and don’t have the time to figure it out. That’s why we’re here. To make your life tastier without un-pronounceable stuff in your food.