Greek Salad

A great Mediterranean dish can always be a crowd pleaser. Greek Salads are refreshing, simple, and they can be thrown together quickly. A person who likes to play with their food could always throw just about anything in there, use any leftover dressing as a marinade, and have it all come out good,

Traditionally, Greek Salad is very simple in the way of seasoning; a sprinkle of Salt, Pepper, and Oregano, but we went a step further. Not everyone has what we call Simples in their cupboards… Individual spices like Oregano, Rosemary, Basil, etc. and, instead use blends like Greek seasoning. Greek is indeed an all-around spice blend that goes great in Marinades, Salad Dressings (obviously), but also on fish, chicken, beef, even strong meats like Lamb.

A note on this recipe: The Olives… Most people have black olives in the larder for special occasions, or even just a quick snack. They do go well in this recipe, but we suggest you try one step further for the best results: Kalamata Olives! Kalamata Olives have a stronger brine, and bolder flavor. Often, they are not pitted, however. Take your preference of one, the other, or a mix when making this salad.

So! Without Further adieu- Greek Salad!

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