Fantastic Coffee Cake

As many know already, King Arthur Flour is fantastic… not just as flour, but as a resource. The only thing that could make their recipes better is a little bit extra in the spice realm, and that magic happened tonight.

It is no secret by now that Hart’s Desire Spice Blends can be found at the local Roseburg supermarket called Sherm’s Thunderbird. They are doing well, partially because word has been getting around from happy customers at the Umpqua Valley Farmer’s Market, and partially because of demonstration efforts by us here at Hart’s Desire.

I was looking for a great recipe to showcase the Sweet Breakfast Blend. Not everyone finds the name intuitive, so a little extra effort never goes badly.

Enter King Arthur Flour. Taking a look at their Cinnamon-Streusel Coffeecake, I couldn’t resist the effort to use it in the upcoming demonstration this Saturday at Sherm’s.

By substituting only the Sweet Breakfast for the called-for Cinnamon yielded fantastic results! Use it Tablespoon for Tablespoon in this recipe instead of cutting the amount in half as I regularly recommend, and you will not be sorry. Another note on the recipe, It calls for a small amount of Cocoa Powder as an optional note. I do not consider this optional if you want a real crowd-pleaser. Both it, and the Sweet Breakfast ad a dimension to the flavor that really can’t be found elsewhere. Others might try to reverse-engineer this with little luck unless they know your secrets, making this a sensationally memorable dish to add to your gatherings.

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