Pad See Ew

As a teenager, I worked on the family horse ranch. This was a different sort of ranch, because it was in the middle of the city, which had it’s ups and downs. Downside: LOTS of stalls to clean. Upside: Thai food in walking distance.

Every saturday, after our horseback riding lessons, a friend of mine and I would walk over to this little thai food place and have that magical dish… Pad See Ew.

Fast forward several years (the number will remain nameless to protect the parties involved) and I haven’t seen Pad Se Ew on the menu ANYWHERE, ever since… until Saturday. A food truck visits the local farmer’s market where I sell spices, and lo and behold… Pad Se Ew! One of my neighbors was having it for lunch, and it smelled divine.

So, when I went to the store, I looked up the ingredients, and set out to make some.

It smelled, and tasted… Divine.

I made a couple Changes to this recipe, because I didn’t want the headache from the noodles in two days time, nor did I have any of the greens they were looking for here in this recipe. SO! Shiritaki noodles subbed for the rice noodles, and regular broccoli stood in for the greens. Using Xylitol instead of sugar…. Score. I’m making it again tonight folks!

Pad See Ew – Thai Rice Noodles

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