Flexible high-fiber wraps

Epiphone! I’ve been trying to get a good, supple, high-fiber wrap for ages, and so far,  I think this is “The One”.  Check it out Guys. Since I’m not the best tortilla-maker, it was a great test.  The flavor was great, the texture not in the least rubbery, or chalk-like, and they were very simple to make.

It’s not wheat, but unlike many, it does not fall on it’s face. Make sure the salt is added, it really does help flavor-wise. If you’re sensitive to Sodium, perhaps using something akin to “Good Salt” which I have found on Amazon, would be a good solution for you.

Make sure to watch the video, it really helps with execution.

Flaxseed Wraps {Video}

I’ve been using these for several applications, and they’ve done superbly.

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