Lasagna Stuffed Chicken

Oh, this sounds so good! It’s a quickly prepped dinner idea, put a salad next to it, and you’re gold! Italian Herbs, here I come!!!

Personally, I pound the chicken into a the same thickness instead, or in addition to butterflying… depending on the thickness of your cuts. Wrap the chicken loosely in plastic wrap, and use say, the flat side of a meat tenderizer, the bottom of a very small pan, whatever you have that’s flat, and handy, and hit the chicken to flatten out the higher spots.

If you want to go even further with the Italian Theme, try adding Italian Herbs to your homemade Oil and Vinaigrette dressing!

Apple Pie, Chia, and Yogurt… Breakfast Heaven

Ok, that Apple puff cake has got me going with apples on the brain again. Did I mention my undying love for baked, or sauteed apples with a hint of sugar and some of our Sweet Breakfast? Oh… yeah, I did.

Given that, you’ve gotta know that if I see something with spiced apples, I’m all over it. Some love the chia seeds, some, well, maybe not. I sure do enjoy them; and I enjoy unsweetened yogurt, especially mixed with some of my homemade preserves. If you’re not sure, well, give them a try! You just might find a new culinary love!

Flexible high-fiber wraps

Epiphone! I’ve been trying to get a good, supple, high-fiber wrap for ages, and so far,  I think this is “The One”.  Check it out Guys. Since I’m not the best tortilla-maker, it was a great test.  The flavor was great, the texture not in the least rubbery, or chalk-like, and they were very simple to make.

It’s not wheat, but unlike many, it does not fall on it’s face. Make sure the salt is added, it really does help flavor-wise. If you’re sensitive to Sodium, perhaps using something akin to “Good Salt” which I have found on Amazon, would be a good solution for you.

Make sure to watch the video, it really helps with execution.

Flaxseed Wraps {Video}

I’ve been using these for several applications, and they’ve done superbly.

Baked egg cups

I’ve done these before, and have to say: They’re quick, easy, and tasty for those on the run in the morning. Try them with scrambled eggs, and whatever stuff looks good, make the outside out of sausage, or kale, or just pop in some liners, crack an egg into each one and throw some spices on top! Ive used anything from Chili Powder and Jambalaya, to Italian Herbs and Poultry… Even Curry!  Happy Baking!

Fondant, but not?

It’s amazing what you can find in different places now. For all you cake people out there, this might be something really fun to play with: Marshmallow Fondant!

Exquisitely Diabetic friendly Lemon Bars!

I’ve been falling behind on my posts. Last week I told everyone that I would be testing this Recipe for lemon bars, because, let’s face it… it looks fantastic… especially to someone like me who loves lemon custard of any stripe.

So, I embarked on that journey, with finely ground almond meal

with coconut flour,

and they came out ok.  Just not how I was expecting.

They definitely came out like some sort of lemon Blondie, and in the case of the almond, like a lemon Blondie over a graham cracker crust. the amount of lemon was absolutely Gorgeous!! They were tart, sweet, and just all-around wonderful for what the were. The texture was not what I was hoping for. To me, Lemon bars have a slightly crunchy bottom, and a custard-like top, like these.

So, I did some research, and came up with a very similar taste, but definitely different in texture from what I got earlier.  Really, what we’re looking for is a shortbread cookie that’s been baked, cooled, and then topped with lemon curd, and baked again.  I played with final bake time and learned a little more about what we’re looking for in taste.

SO! Here we go. Start, as always, with what will take the most time… the shortbread bottom.

I want to give you a note here, about the Coconut Flour.  Measurement is really finicky, if you want consistent results. Weighing your flour will get you the best results. However, you can likely “fake” it if you don’t have a scale by spooning your flour into the measuring cup and leveling, making sure it’s not packed. It packs at the slightest look. I went for a little less than the standard cup weight because I wanted just barely Under a C of flour to get the best texture.

For a 9×9 pan I went for

1 Stick Butter
1/4  C Xylitol (or Erythritol)
100g or 1 C sifted/spooned and leveled Coconut flour.
1/4 tsp Salt

Put all dry ingredients into your bowl, melt butter, and combine until you get a uniform texture.

Line your baking dish with parchment, and press the crust mixture in an even layer across the bottom. Don’t neglect the corners!  I used a stiff rubber spatula to help with this process and get a nice smooth bottom.

Bake for 20-25 minutes  at 350° until things start looking browned around the edges and cooked in the center.

Keep the oven at 350°, you’re going to need it. Meanwhile, let the crust cool on the counter or the fridge for 15 minutes.  Be careful how hot the pan is when you put it in the fridge! you should be able to gingerly pick it up with bare hands, else you risk breaking your pan/ fridge shelves by temperature shock.

While  that is cooling, We need to make the curd that goes on top.

Lemon Curd is wonderful stuff.  Made right, it’s sweet, tart, and altogether wonderful.  It can be put in a jar, and eaten like preserves, or put between layers of cakes,  used as the custard in Lemon pies, or, used here as part of a wonderful fruit topped cookie.

So!  Start off by getting out Either: a Double Boiler, or nesting (one fits inside the other easily without the bottoms touching) saucepans.

Start heating some water to a simmer in the larger of the two saucepans, with the other one on top. Don’t fill all the way, or you’re going to get splashed and burned as you work.

Ingredients for this portion are:

3 Large eggs
1/2 C Xylitol
1 Medium Lemon’s zest
1/3 C Lemon Juice (you can use all fresh, or squeeze the zested lemon and add bottled to make up the rest.)
4 Tbsp Butter, cut into at least 3 portions

Add everything BUT the butter to the top pan and whisk together on low until the mixture thickens. Don’t walk away, this can happen pretty quickly.

Next, Remove from heat, and add the butter.  As you’re waiting for it to melt, keep stirring until the mixture comes out smooth.

From here, bring out the crust and pour this beautiful lemon curd in an even layer on top.

Put the pan back into your 350° for about 15 minutes. Some prefer longer, but I found 1/2 hour was too much. It totally destroyed the brightness of the lemon flavor and came out overdone.

So, depending on your oven, between 15-20 minutes should be the sweet-spot.

Bon Appetite!!!